Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charlie's brief Hello and Goodbye to Grandma Lorrie

It's been a while since we wrote last, so here's an update. Things have been looking really good for Charlie except his feeds. He is progressing well and he makes us smile every day with new accomplishments. He still doesn't like to eat anything by mouth, so we're working on that; in the meantime, just NG feeds.
As many of you know, Seth's mother, Lorrie, had been suffering from Rhumatoid Arthritis for many years. She had been bed ridden for quite a while. At the end of May, we were informed of an infection in one of her many bedsores. We knew this was all it would take to take her life, so we arranged flights out to see her. It was important to Lorrie to see Charlie before she passed away, so we checked to see if Charlie was okay to fly. He was fine as long as he had oxygen which took some arranging. We arrived on Thursday May 29th. Lorrie looked pretty sick and I knew it was the end. We found a moment when Lorrie was up to seeing Charlie for her to meet him. Luckily he was in a good mood. I sat him on a pillow next to her and they made some cooing baby sounds at each other. Aubrey got to say, "Hi Grandma Lorrie." After a couple of rough days, Lorrie passed away on Saturday morning May 31st. We visited with a lot of family that day and started making funeral plans. Seth took charge of the kids so I could play funeral planner for the next couple days. We had a beautiful service for her on Tuesday June 3.
We are so grateful that we were able to get there on time and that Lorrie got her wish of seeing Charlie and the rest of our family. We love her and will always remember her as a great mother, fighter, listener, and more. I cherish the days that she lived with our family, and I got to learn from this wise woman and have fun with her too. I could hardly call it "taking care of her,"-- not really.
This month continues to be crazy. I could write a lot more, but we're tired and need to give Charlie one more feed before we go to bed. Thanks for keeping in touch with us.


Christina said...

I am sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom/Grandma Lorrie. What a blessing that you were able to spend some time with her in her last days.

from IHH
Jacob's momma

Denise said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Seth's mom. It is so nice that she was able to meet Charlie. Sorry the feeding isn't going too well. I'm glad to hear that overall he is doing well. We miss you guys! Keep in touch.

McBride Family said...

You guys, we are so sorry to hear about Seth's mom. I know that it was good for you all to be able to see her before she passed away. I am sure that she felt very blessed to be able to spend time with the kids! Glad to hear Charlie is doing well. We think about you guys all the time. I am still loving the blog page you set up for Reagan. Keep in touch.
Jeri Ann and Allen

Anonymous said...

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