Monday, April 14, 2008

Warm Sunny Day

So it was another day at the hopital with ups and downs. As fluid drains from Charlie's lungs, naturally we expect the flow to slow down. During Sunday night's shift, about 20cc of fluid drained out. Today we were hoping that that number would decrease below 10cc, so we could clamp off the tube, see how his lungs did without draining, and make steps toward going home. Instead he drained 40cc today. So we just have to keep watching. If the amount continues increase, that is bad news. Hopefully tonight's shift will go well and the fluid will stop developing and there will be less to drain, and I'll have good news in the morning. It's all just a waiting game. There is no time limit to how long this could take to clear; anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks or more. Just wait and see.....

On the upside, it was a gorgeous day today! Aubrey, me, and especially our nurse all really wanted to go outside. So we packed Charlie up and got him comfy on a red flyer wagon, and went out on the patio. Charlie was all smiles when we first went out, but he got tired fast. By the time I rented a camera from the parent resource center, we was pretty tuckered out. This is one of his first times really being outside and enjoying the sun, since it's been so cold since October when he was born. It was so bright we could hardly open our eyes!

Another adventure today: We have been moved into a room where the door does not latch. It didn't take long for Aubrey to learn how to get it open and run away. When I'm holding Charlie, it takes a little while to put him down before I can chase after her. That gives her pleanty of time to get really far. By the end of the day, every nurse on the surgical unit was keeping an eye out for her. She almost made it onto the elevators by herself!
Our blog has the pics I took today of our little outing, and some of Aubrey's favorite places to run to like a big bubble fish tank.

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