Friday, April 25, 2008

Surgery for Chylo Today

So I haven't posted for a few days because every day was the same. Every day we would evaluate his chest x-ray to determine the next step, adjust his lasix and feedings, and wait to look at the next day's x-ray. Wednesday he was acting pretty grumpy and had me worried, but yesturday he was doing great and I was pretty optimistic about going home this weekend. His x-ray this morning showed a lot of fluid build up, so Charlie is having surgery this afternoon. I have to admit I was pretty disapointed after 2 weeks of trying to avoid a surgery and looking forward to going home. But we've done all we can do medically and this is the only option left to get it to stop leaking around the lungs.

They go in through an icision through his chest and close off the leak of his lymph system (for a very simplified explaination.) This is successful 80% of the time. If it's not successful...well, let's just worry about that later if we have to.

Charlie's room is pretty decked out now. We'll have to take everything down, but I'll put it back up when we're back on the floor. He'll be in the PICU for just a day or so.
We recieved a stuffed airplane from Toys R Us there isn't anything to identify who sent it. Thank you whoever did. It is so cute!
Thank you, Laura, for the Mickey Mouse airplane and for stopping by. The plane is very fun and adds to the room.
Thank you for the quotes; they are in his room as well.

Hopefully Charlie will be home in less than a week.

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Gourley Family said...

I am sorry that he is having to have surgery for his Chylo. And I am sorry you have to take his things down from his room, but hopefully he will be out of the PICU and back to the floor. He is so strong and truly is an amazing little guy! Keep fighting Charles!
Emily and Mike
mom and dad to angels
Ryker and Lilly