Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to the hospital after second surgery

All,Charlie is still in the hospital. It seems that the fluid thing is more of a challenge to figure out than we thought. There is fat in the fluid that they are draining from Charlie's lungs. This lead the doctors to beleive that his diet needs to change. They are now feeding him some perscription formula. We don't think that he likes it. When he started on it he wouldn't eat more than an ounce or 2 per feeding. He now has a feeding tube to suppliment what he isn't eating. There is still alot of fluid draining from his lungs. The doctors aren't exactly sure how long we will be in the hospital. Today I stayed home with Aubrey because I have a cold. Shannon went to the hospital to be with Charlie. Shannon said that he played alot in the morning then slept alot during the day. He played a bit a while ago, but is sleeping again. On a brighter note, the doctor that saw Charlie on Thursday night said that his heart sqeeze is getting stronger. He was suprised to see a difference since the last time they looked was a week and a half ago. Everyone, who is not sick, is welcome to stop by and visit.


Mike & Rebecca said...

Thanks for the update, we were wondering how things were going...we had some of the same issues with Brinley's lungs--fluid and the fat deposits in the drainage tubes. I hope things continue to improve, we pray for all our heart friends.

Mike & Family

Christina said...

I hope they can help your little guy quickly and you can get hope soon. Cute pictures you added to the IHH yahoo group!

Jacob's momma

Blenda said...

Keep up the good work.