Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes everyone we are still here and trying to figure out this draining fluid thing. Hopefully it will be under control soon.

Since we will be here for a little while, and we will surely have future hospital stays, I would like to make things a little more fun for everyone. Charlie's room at home is starting to take on the airplane theme I've had in mind for him since we were pregnant. I would like to bring this to his hospital room, so it can feel more fun, inspiring, and more like a home.
I was hoping all of you could help me with this. Please send anything to me about airplanes: quotes about planes or flying or soaring, cut-outs I can stick on the wall or crib, signs, airplane toys.... Be creative! I'm not picky. The hospital is not that picky either. For those of you wondering how you can help us, this is it.

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Shauna said...

I'll put my thinking cap on!! That sounds like a fun way to make him feel at home. Shannon, if you need us to watch Aubrey while you are with Charles, let us know. We could even come up and get her from the hospital and bring her back here. Hope your little man gets better fast.

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